After seeing how people are being misled by some people that building a PC is way too hard and time-consuming and isn’t worth it at all but that isn’t even a half-truth. With how the technology has evolved building a PC from scratch is now even easier than it used to be. And below are some of the reasons why it is.

1. Parts Are Easier to Buy Than Ever

Before it used to be a lot harder to find the desired product you had to go through a lot of stores in the market and still it was not guaranteed that you’ll find the product you wanted. But since the evolution of the markets and how nowadays everything is available online and how you can order literally anything at any time without physically going through any markets or anything and it has made it a lot easier to find the products you need.

2. You Don’t Even Need a Screwdriver Anymore

Technology has evolved so much that there are some cases where you won’t even need a screwdriver to complete your build. Mostly you need a screwdriver to either fit motherboard to the case or to attach a cooler with the case but nowadays there are a lot of cases available in the market in which you don’t need a screwdriver at all.

3. Config.sys and Autoexec.bat Are Things of the Past

If you’re someone who has experienced how things used to be in the past and how hard setting up your PC used to be after installing new hardware. You had to manually set up each and everything carefully so the drivers didn’t conflict with the already installed one. If you failed to do everything correctly it crashed your PC and you have to do everything again. Seeing how things and evolved is a lot easier to set up your PC you just have to install all the needed drivers after putting in your components and you’re good to go.

4. Steam Is Hot

With the introduction of steam and a lot of other gaming store, it is a lot easier to get the game you desired. You can play the game on the day of the release and in some cases you can even get early access. Before you had to go through a lot of stores and wait for days just to get that one game.

5. You Don’t Have to Wait for the Good Stuff

Waiting for the games you always wanted to play and waiting for them to be released is the hardest thing to do. But if you’re someone who owns a PC you don’t have to wait. You can always play any game on the day of the release, unlike console where you have to wait for Console generation updates and support to play AAA games.

6. Advice, Help, and Camaraderie Are Always Available

If you’re stuck in some kind of problem such as budget allocation and wondering how much does it cost to build a PC or if you’re stuck somewhere in your game there are a lot of good websites and tutorial available on the internet that helps you solve your problem.

7. It’s the Best Feeling

The feeling you get after building your own PC by yourself is the best feeling there is and nothing can ever match that feeling not even buying pre-built PC or consoles from the market.