Bugha Professional Fortnite: Battle Royale player and content creator is one of the biggest names in Twitch in terms of popularity and recently he helped raise over $12,000 for a charity using his popularity in the best way.

Apart from Bugha some other big streamers like Attach and Torment also took part in the pre-planned charity event called Spooktacular Steamathon and helped Gamers Outreach raise more than 500k$.

If you’re someone who is not aware of the Gamers Outreach and their noble cause then you need to know that what their aim is to help lift the morale of the children who are hospitalized since living in a hospital is a scary process for many children and they try their best to ease their suffering through relaxing gaming sessions.

And as someone who grew up playing Video games, this cause is very dear to Bugha and that’s why he took part in the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular Steamathon, and since he is such a big player of Fortnite and very popular he played several Fornite games and his fans around all over the world donated in the noble cause, including Xfinity who was one of the biggest contributors. The corporation matched everyone’s donations.

What’s next for Bugha in Fortnite?

Since Bugha has already qualified for FNCS finals by claiming the top position in the qualifiers and is one of the biggest names in the Fortnite Community and achieved everything any Fornite player dreams of. According to BestPvPers.com Bugha might be thinking of switching to other games like Valorant.