My new little baby has finally arrived!

Here he is - my beautiful little boy Rafael. 

We were admitted to the hospital on a Monday because I was very unwell and finally after lots of complications I had an emergency c-section on the Thursday morning and out emerged my bubba!

We were in hospital for 9 days but are finally home. 

Things are going well. I am so delirious with exhaustion I barely know what my name is, only getting between 4 and 6 hours sleep an evening in 2 or 3 lots of sleep. 

But it is all worth it. He is so cute that we can't stop staring at him and kissing his little cheeks.He looks almost identical to me when I was born which was a really nice surprise. He does have his Dad's ears and forwn though :-) 

I doubt Ill be around here for a while yet, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up with you all over the internet when I am back in action.