The end is nigh....

Christmas is almost here and so my blogging for the year is coming to an end.

There was no Weekly Blogging Tip this week, but I still have a few so they'll be back next year.

I posted what I think will be my last review the day before yesterday: The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, which I gave an 8 / 8. Whether or not you enjoy The Lord of the Rings will definitely come down to personal taste, but for me this book has everything that I could possibly ever want in a book.

The reality is that my reading has slowed down significantly since I entered my third trimester and if I were to continue posting the reviews I have drafted then I would quickly out of reviews all together.

I do have to have a look over what I have achieved this year, so I am sure I will be jumping on the 2011 round-up post band wagon soon.

In the meantime:


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