Weekly Blogging Tip Series: An Introduction

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For most of us, it is our love of reading that has lead us to start a book blog.

We divide our time between reading and writing about what we have read in the hopes that by sharing our love of reading with other people we will learn something new and entertain other people.

The result is that (for some of anyway), out blogs become very important to us. Some of us may even spend almost as much time blogging as we do reading. I would guess that a lot of us are on some occasions working on new blog design and content and otherwise seeking to improve ourselves as well as readers.

I am definitely always working Page Turners the best that it can be. This means that on many occasions I have emailed other bloggers for tips and advice on anything from design to HTML coding.

Similarly, I often receive emails from other bloggers asking me questions about blog design and use.

This got me thinking; maybe it would be helpful if I started a series of posts containing blogging tips that I have picked up over the last two and half years. This might help me solidify my ideas about what I want here at Page Turners, as well help other people who are just starting out blogging or thinking about what they want from their blogs.

The Weekly Blogging Tip Series

So I am starting a weekly series of posts containing my personal blogging tips, which will be posted every Thursday until I run out of tips.

What these tips are:

All of these tips are obviously based on my personal taste (something I want to admit up front).

Some of these tips are things that have worked well for me.

Some of these tips are related to questions that other bloggers have emailed me.

Some of these tips are things I think it is important to consider in relation to the design of your blog.

Most importantly, some of these tips are about making your blog as accessible and easy to use as possible for the people who visit it.

What these tips are not:

These tips will not all be relevant to every blogger. I use Blogger as my platform and as such a lot of my tips might be relevant only to other people who use the blogger platform. I have never used Wordpress or any other platform and so I may not be able to identify whether a tip is relevant to Blogger users or all book bloggers.

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This is very important. I don't want people to be offended if I offer a tip which you don't utilise on your blog. In fact, this series of posts isn't at all about what people should or shouldn't do on their blogs.

I am happy to admit that some of the tips I will be sharing with you are things I believe improve a blog, but things I don't do myself.

Also, I know for a fact that there are many blogs out there I regularly follow that do things differently to what my tips will be. This doesn't mean that I enjoy their blogs any less and I certainly don't want people to think I am suggesting that your blog isn't effective or enjoyable if you something differently.

What makes blogs special is that that each is unique and personal to their individual author. Ultimately and regardless of design, it is a bloggers content and enthusiasm that will create a successful blog and keep people coming back.

I am a bit nervous that I am heading into dangerous territory with this series of posts, but I hope that people understand that I am doing this with good intentions and a genuine enjoyment of blogging.

Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any tips that you think are useful, which I might consider including in my series.


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