Genre question for everyone about indigenous fiction, please help


What genre is that?

I am in the process of splitting my book reviews into a list of reviews by genre.

I hope that this will give me some idea of what kind of books I am reading and where I should make more effort to expand my knowledge of the different types of literature.

I also hope it will make it easier for my followers to find book reviews that might interest them.

But I am having difficulty with genre's (as you can imagine) so here is my first question for you all:

Australian Aboriginal fiction. I have a category for all Australian books called "Australian Literature" and I have a category for all books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors called "Australian Aboriginal authors".

What I am not sure about is whether I should have a category for all books that deal with Indigenous Australian themes/stories, regardless of who the author is and what that category should be called?????

 Books that come to mind are Diamond Dove by Adrain Hyland, The Timeless Land by Eleanor Dark and The Secret River by Kate Grenville - all about indigenous/Aboriginal issues/themes, but all by white authors.

Any suggestions?????

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