#1 Weekly Blogging Tip: The Follower Gadget

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The Google Friend Connect follower gadget

The follower gadget provided by Google Friend Connect is a convenient way of allowing people to sign up and become members of your blog. They are then notified directly (using different means) when you update the contents of your blog.

If you choose to utilise this useful blogging tool, my tip is this:

Place your follower gadget close to or at the very top of your blog.

My reasoning is this. When people visit your blog they will certainly see the top of your blog and the content of the post that you are reading.

Although we very much hope that they will scroll further down, there is no guarantee that they will. If they do, there is also no way of knowing how far down they will scroll.

I know in theory if they like your blog they might deliberately scroll down looking for your follower gadget, but then again, they also might not.

So, by having the follower gadget at the top of your blog you are making it easier for people to follow your blog if they like what they see.

I know from personal experience that when I moved my follower gadget from lower down my sidebar to the very top, the rate at which people followed Page Turners definitely increased.

If you use other methods of allowing people to follow you (as I do as well) such as subscription by email or RSS feeds, I would still suggest that you consider having them toward the top of your blog.

More about Google Friend Connect

I know that if you are using the Blogger Platform, you can go into the design page from your Dashboard, click on "Add a gadget" and look for Google Friend Connect. I don't have any advice how you can add the gadget using other platforms.

If, however, you would like to learn more about Google Friend Connect consider reading the Wikipedia entry or go straight to the Google Friend Connect page.

The positives

The Google Friend Connect follower gadget is only one of many different ways to follow other people's blogs, but it certainly seems to be a quick and easy way and one which I would say most bloggers like to use and are familiar with.

The negatives

The downside of the Google Friend Connect follower gadget is that you can see, right there in front of you, how many people are following your blog. This can have a definite affect on your psyche, and not necessarily a good one.

This will be explored more fully in next week's Weekly Blogging Tip:


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