Guess who's coming to dinner? Three literary guests

Here's an oft repeated question, but one that never gets easier to answer: If you could invite any three literary figures from different eras to a Sunday Dinner who would they be? Magic takes care of the language issues

Tricky..... very tricky. I want my three authors to really get on with each other so that we can have a good night, but at the same time I am guilty of being the kind of person who doesn't know much about authors outside of their actual books. This means it's hard to judge who might make a good combination for a fun dinner party.

So, I'll just stick with people I would like to meet.

Jane Austen: no doubt most people will say Jane Austen, but that doesn't mean I don't feel the same. I just want to know what she was really and what she really though. Was she hilarious or was she shy? Was she sarcastic? Was she gregarious or unfailingly polite? So many things I could find out.

Agatha Christie: I bet she got sick of questions like this, but I just want to know how she came up with it all - how did she think of the ideas of then structure the murders and their solutions? Did it take a long time or did it come naturally?

Margaret Atwood: I don't know, she just seems like a really interesting lady who would have really interesting things to say about everything!

Those were the first three that came to mind, and I have to admit that I am proud of myself that they are all women.

If I could add a fourth, mine would be JRR Tolkien and maybe Arthur Conan Doyle too, that would be nice. It would be great to have PD James, together with Agatha Christie and Peter Temple. That's a dinner party I want to go to, maybe Raymond Chandler could come too.

Oh no! Someone stop me!

If you want to answer this yourself and share it with others, then go to Literary Book Blogger Hop at The Blue Bookcase.


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