What are you in the mood for reading?

I know I am jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but I just saw yesterday's Musing Monday question and I couldn't help but throw my two cents worth into the ring. The question reads: How often do you read a book, just because you’re in the mood to read it? (not because you’re obligated to for a book club, or a challenge, or for review).

Strangely enough, this is something I have been thinking about ever since I started participating in 'It's Monday! What are you reading?' again.

I am constantly surprised by the amount of people that have their next read all planned out, even though they are still reading another book.

This is very rare for me. I no longer accept ARC's so I don't have to read them anymore. I am not in any formal book club and I don't participate in challenges.

Essentially, I read whatever I am in the mood for. It is a completely spontaneous choice. Once I have finished reading a book, I go around my various bookshelves, staring at all the titles until one catches my eye. it's as simple as that. Sometimes I will start reading the book I have chosen and then realise I'm not in the mood for it - so it will be placed back on the shelf and a new one will be chosen until I find something that suits.

This probably isn't very good for my 'literary development' (to get all wanky about it), but it works for me. If I chose my next read before I finished my current read (with a few limited exceptions) I just wouldn't be as motivated to read it.

I like a bit of mystery in my life and I like where my spontaneous choices lead me in my reading.

For example, I finished my last book (The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff) yesterday and so this morning I chose The Last Warner Woman by Kei Miller. Kei Miller is a Jamaican author I was introduced to at the Sydney Writers Festival this year. He seemed really funny and I liked the rhythmical way his books seemed to read (he is a poet which I imagine explains that). I was in the mood for something a little unique so I chose one of his books.

What about you? Are you a planner or a pantser? What made you choose your current read?


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