Review: The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie has a whole host of different detectives, and it is in The Secret Adversary that Tommy and Tuppence are introduced to the world. 

There's not a whole lot to Agatha Christie novels, so I won't torment you with a long and boring review.

What I really enjoyed about this plot was that it was significantly more complicated than most of her other books in my experience. I appreciated the complexity of it; it built the tension up nicely and kept me guessing close to the end.

Having said that, what I also loved about this book was that I actually guessed who the 'bad-guy' was before the end of the book, something I rarely accomplish with a good Christie novel.

Tommy and Tuppence are not my favourite of Agatha Christie's detectives, but they fit the nature of this plot very effectively.

If you are a Christie fan, but are looking for something a bit out of the ususal, then this could be a good choice for your next Agatha Christie read.

6 / 8
Really enjoyable and well written. I would recommend that you read it.

Are Tommy and Tuppence your favourite Agatha Christie detectives? Feel free to share your thoughts of this one if you have read it.


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