My favourite book has fallen apart, it's a sad day

Yes, RIP my most beloved copy of The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien.

Although it has been threatening to do this for quite some time, today a whole chunk of pages officially fell out of the book. Just goes to show how many times I have read this book over and over again. I feel like it's a really good friend, and now it has fallen apart far too early in it's life.

I have tried everything to hold it together. Well. If sticky tape is everything.

But to no avail.

Truth be told, I may be being a bit dramatic at the moment. I could still read it technically, but I can just see the pages coming loose from the section of the book that has fallen out, then I will start losing pages and it will be all over.

It's part of a matching trilogy set too, so to replace it I will need to find an exact replica so that it matches the other two books. But right now, replacing my wonderful book seems like a painful thing to do.

How do you feel when one of your favourites finally falls apart? Do you replace it as soon as you can or hang on to it for as long as you can?


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