Page Turners is having a baby!

Image from Baby Gear

Well, Page Turners isn't having a baby but the author is!

That's right, I am expecting a baby in late February / early March. We are both very excited to be welcoming our own little bubba in to the world and we are looking forward to all the changes that it will bring.

You may have noticed some time ago that I went missing for about 3 months. If you had gone looking for me, you would have found me in the closest bathroom loosing my last meal :-) I have been too sick and my concentration levels too low to read let alone blog about what I have been reading.

Slowly though, I am starting to mend and you can expect to see more frequent posts from me from now on. I have a lot of reviews to catch up on, but some of the books I read so long ago, I would warn you not to expect to much from my reviews for awhile yet.

I am definitely looking forward to being back and visiting you all again soon. I know I have been awhile away but I hope no one has forgotten about me :-)


  1. Woo! Congratulations :) I had exactly the same first trimester. Rubbish, right? Glad you are feeling better. Keep updating us!

  2. Oh congratulations .... very exciting. (Just catching up --- my August and September were overtaken by two hospitalised parents and I just didn't keep up with my favourite blogs.


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