Quotes from Jasper Fforde's "One of our Thursdays is Missing": I thought you might find them funny!

I am both sad and happy to be reading the final Thursday Next instalment from Jasper Fforde.

I thought that as I went along I might share any great quotes that I come across with you. There are so many hilarious quotes that I will only share with you the one's that I think are absolutely the most hilarious and those that are perhaps the most spot on about various modern day cultural issues.

The first quote is from page 2 of my edition and had me laughing out loud. I think that it might only be really appreciated by people who had read/tried to read Martin Amis, but for those of you that have it's hilarious.

The conversation is between the written Thursday Next (T) and a Designated Love Interest named Whitby Jett (W) who is an out of work fictional character peddling labour-saving Narrative Devices for EZ-Reads.

"T: 'Any work offers recently?' I asked.
W: 'I was up for a minor walk-on in an Amis.'
T: 'How did you do?'
W: 'I read half a page and they asked me what I thought. I said I understood every word and so I was rejected for being overqualified.'"

So funny.

The second quote is from page 73, where we have this gem:

"The taxi was the usual yellow-and-check variety, and could either run on wheels in the conventional manner or fly using advanced Technobabble (TM) vectored gravitational inversion thrusters. This had been demanded by the Sci-Fi fraternity, who has been whingeing on about hover-cars and jet-packs for decades, and needed appeasing before they went and did something stupid, like allow someone to make a movie based on the title of the book known as I, Robot."

The third quote is a little more serious and is from from Bradshaw's BookWorld Companion (emphasis below is from the book):

"... Here in the BookWorld the protagonists and antagonists, gatekeepers, shape-shifters, heroes, villain, bit-parts, knaves, comedians, and goblins were united in that they possessed a clearly defined motive for what they were doing: Entertainment and Enlightenment. As far as any of us could see, no such luxury existed in the unpredictable world of the readers. The Outland was extraordinarily well named..."

Fforde is comic genius if you ask me.

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