The results are in on labels in the sidebar!

Well, it seems that the label widget in my sidebar is here to stay!

15 lovely people participated in the poll are the results were as follows:
  • 5 people often use the widget to navigate other blogs
  • 8 people rarely use the widget to navigate other blogs
  • 2 people never use the widget to navigate other blogs
Given that is a total 13 people who use it to navigate other blogs at sometime or another, it seems as though it is a useful widget to have in the sidebar.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion - overall I would say that most people agreed that the biggest use labels has was as a tool for organising and accessing their own posts.

The other most common theme in the discussion was that most people found the label widget useful when they discovered new blogs. They use it as a tool to determine what the blogger enjoys and commonly reads and whether or not they share the same literary tastes and interests.

I hope that this was useful to everyone, and it was certainly useful to. Another poll come your way soon.


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