A poll on 'review rating systems' - I need you!

From The Value Engineers website
I have been having some long and serious thought (well, some thought at least) about rating the books that I review.

As you may (or may not as the case may be) have noticed, I developed my own personal system of rating books out of a possible 8 stars. Rather unconventional but it worked for me. A lot of people seem to go for the more traditional route and rate their books out of 5.

What I have begun to wonder about lately, however, is how much attention people actually pay to these ratings as it were.

Do people really care whether someone rated a book a 3 / 5 rather than a 4 / 5 or are they just interested in reading the review and having some discussion.

What motivated my consideration was how much of our blogging is for us and how much for our readers?

When I started Page Turners (or Becky's Book Reviews as it was known initially... yes, I know you are astounded by my creativity) I started it as a reading diary. I then discovered the book blogging world and it became what it is today.

I undoubtedly write for an audience as well as myself - but what is a good balance?

My original goal was to write about the books that I read as a method of exploring the themes and issues and really thinking about what I had read. A rating system doesn't help me achieve this.

What I want to know is, does it achieve it anything for my readers? Are you really interested in what I rate a book, or do you stop reading at the end of the review?

So - now is your chance to have your chance. Please contribute to my poll by clicking on one of the three options I have provided.

I would also like to know what your view on rating systems is. Do you have one? Do you find it useful? Do you find other people's rating systems useful or not?


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