Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Eclipse, the third instalment in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, is just as good and just as bad as the two preceding novels; and I love them all.

It took me a long time to read the third novel in this series, and I am not sure why. There is so much that is bad about these books - the writing being the biggest problem (I try to deny my book snob side but sometimes it can't be suppressed). And yet there is also so much that's enjoyable. There are so many detailed book reviews out there about this series that I won't bother you by writing another full one. Following are just some thoughts and feelings about my Eclipse reading experience.

The content of the Twilight series can be summarised thus; Bella does nothing but whinge, Jacob does nothing but whinge, Edward does nothing by smile patronisingly at everything Bella says and does (heaven knows how she can stand it).

And yet... they are just so compulsive.

In this novel Bella is still being chased by the evil vampire Victoria, who has created an evil army of newborn vampire's to go after her. As usual, the Cullen family has to chip in to save her life. In the meantime, her friendship with her werewolf friend Jacob has gone from bad to worse because of her relationship with Edward - but Bella is determined to maintain her relationships with both of them.

This is the perfect blend of teen angst and supernatural action. Although there could be a little less talk and a little more action.

I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to read the final instalment.

Young Adult, Supernatural

What kind of read is this?
Quick, easy and compulsive. A page turner.

Do I recommend that you read this book?
Yes, if you can go into with an open mind and suspend the book snob within you. Then it is a really fun book.

Do I recommend that you buy this book?
Yes, it will be just as good upon re-reading.

Star Rating

7 / 8

Brilliant, couldn't put it down. Recommend that you buy it.

Are you able to suspend your book snob self and enjoy these books despite their flaws?

What do you think of the 'no-sex' issue between Edward and Bella? I have heard it described as a Christian message about celibacy/chastity or whatever the right word is. Do you think that Meyer intended this aspect of the book to have broader message, or it simply that Edward is a vampire and there is no deeper message?


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