Page Turners 100th Book Review!

Page Turners has just posted its 100th review!

I know it isn't an anniversary as such, but it feels like a real milestone. My first review was in June 2009 and my most recent was published on the 2nd of November 2010, which I think is a fairly respectable amount of reviews.

My review skills and methods have definitely changed over time, but the enjoyment I get from thinking about the stories, the writing and the authors has never ceased.

Just for fun, I thought I would share a collection of some of my reviews with you. I know you probably won't read them all, but have a look at some if you get the chance. I am a little bit disappointed that of all my highlights, only one book is Australian (The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak which got 8 / 8 stars), but I hope that I can remedy that one day soon.

 My 100th Review

My First Review

Books that got 8 / 8 stars

So far, 10% (or 10 out of a 100, yes... i can do maths) of my reviews have received 8 / 8 on my personalised rating system which you can see in my side bar.

5 of those 10 books are Harry Potter novels. These are the other 5:

I couldn't recommend one over any other, except to say that perhaps of all of those books, The Vintner's Luck has the most unique content, By Night in Chile had the most unique writing, We Need to Talk About Kevin had by far the greatest emotional impact upon me and The Book Thief was just fabulous. Jane Austen... what is there to say that we don't already know.

Yet again, thanks for the support and comments over the last 100 book reviews!

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