The Books of Australia - an exciting new blog that needs your help!

There is a wonderful new blog in town and it's called:

"What is it?", I can hear you all asking.

The Books of Australia is a new blog that I have started which will comprise solely Australian book reviews and other Australian related literary chit chat.

You will find books reviews, information about authors and other useful Australian resources.

But that's not all - this blog is something a little bit different (or, at least, I hope that it will be).

The Books of Australia is a cooperative blog.

This is how I hope that it will work. Anyone who is anyone is welcome to post a review or any other post on The Books of Australia, so long as it is a review of an Australian book, or somehow related to Australia literature.

All you need to do is email me at thebooksofaustralia (at) with your post. Everyone gets credit for their own work of course, including a link to your blog in the post and in the sidebar.

Why a cooperative blog?

I am passionate about Australian literature and I want to share that passion with others. Although there are some great blogs out there that look at Australian literature (ANZ LitLovers LitBlog comes to mind), I felt like there was a place for a blog where everyone could share their reviews of Australian books.

A one-stop-shop for great Australian recommendations and resources.

There is more information on The Books of Australia about how you can participate. It doesn't matter if you are Australian or not - what matters is the content.

We need your help!

So head on over to The Books of Australia and have a look. It needs a lot more content and for that I am hoping that I can rely on some of you to share your good work with everyone out there interested in learning a little more about Australia through it's literature.

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