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This is a special feature dedicated to spreading the word about the other great blogs that are out there! I have found a lot of great blogs through such features and I want to be able to share some book blog joy too!

If anyone would like to participate email me at pageturnersbooks(at)

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Today I am featuring Scoot from See Scoot Read. This is a relatively new blog but it is wonderful - I particularly love the header.

Tell us something about yourself

Hello! My name is Scoot. I am 27 years old, happily married and a self diagnosed book-a-holic. I love to read and I am "expanding my horizons" into book reviewing! I am basically turning something I already enjoy into an even bigger hobby. I love to read all sorts of books - but generally stick to fiction. It has been a lot of fun creating my blog and getting to meet lots of other book-addicts who get as excited about reading as I do!

What was your favorite book as a child or young adult, and why?

My favorite book as a child was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I loved that book and would read it over and over! I loved the time period, the way they dressed, the struggles the girls went through, and I just loved Jo. I think I wanted to be her when I grew up.

Why do you love to read?

I have always LOVED to read. I was homeschooled for part of my life and we would go weekly to the library bringing home stacks and stacks of books to read. I just find new stories very intriguing. I love getting wrapped up in a new world created in a good novel. I enjoy getting to live vicariously through the adventurous and fantastical lives of fictional characters. Sometimes they can take you on an emotional roller-coaster, but it is so worth it!

How do you choose your books?

I choose them in a variety of ways. I LOVE libraries and on a frugal budget that is mainly how I am able to read new books. I browse the shelves and grab whatever looks appealing to me! I will also choose books based on reviews I have seen on book blogs or sites like Goodreads. I also choose books based on authors; if I enjoyed one of their books I am very likely to enjoy another one they have written.

What are you currently reading and what's been the best book you have read in the last 6 months?

I am always reading a couple of different books at once and I currently have a huge back up pile! I commute an hour to work every day, so I spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks. In my spare time I prefer to actually READ instead of listen. Right now I am listening to Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen and I am reading The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima.

It is so hard to choose a favorite book from the last six months! I loved a lot of them in different ways. Right now the one that stands out the most is If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I cried buckets during that book. It was fabulous.

When and why did you start your blog?

I just started my blog in July of 2010! I decided to start my book blog just for fun! I was already reading tons and attempting to win book contests, so I figured I might as well go for the gusto and start reviewing too! In addition, I just enjoy messing around with the blog itself - creating widgets, changing backgrounds and posting random stuff! It has been an adventure!

How did you choose your blog's name?

My family started calling me Scoot when I skipped the crawling stage as a baby and instead ‘scooted’ around all over the place. Obviously the nickname stuck. 26 years later and I am still Scoot. After e-mailing a bunch of blog name ideas back and forth with my husband he came up with See Scoot Read; which I loved! And the rest is history...

What do you love about book blogging?

I have not been book blogging long, but really I enjoy being able to meet other book lovers and being able to have direct contact with authors and publishers. It has been fun getting ‘tweet’ responses back from authors. It always makes me feel special! I also enjoy being able to have a place to share my view on books I have read. Friends were always asking for my opinion and now I can just direct them to the site.

What tips do you have to offer to other book bloggers?

My tip is just to have fun! Find books that you like, read them, and then post what you think about them! Don’t be pressured to read things you don’t enjoy. Just stick to what makes you happy. Reading should not be a chore, it should be a pleasure!

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I wish that I had your discipline and could only borrow from libraries as well. I am meant to be on a small budget but I am notoriously bad for going over it week after week, mainly because of the volume of book purchases. Like you, I get most of my reading done on the commute to and from work as well. I travel by train and it is about 45mins each way so I can get a fair bit of reading done in that time.

Thank you so much for participating in Lights, Camera, Blog Action Scoot and I wish you all the best with your blog.

Are you a frequent visitor of Scoot's blog or is this the first time that you have come across it? Why not leave a message for Scoot and then head over to See Scoot Read for a look.

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