Some misconceptions about the classics

The idea of reading a classic can sometimes be intimidating to readers, and so it is no surprise that there has been a lot of discussion about the classics recently in the blogosphere.

Amanda from Desert Book Chick has had an entire month dedicated to the classics and Jane Doe from Dead White Guys has been doing a series of posts about reading the classics as well.

I have taken part in some of these discussions because I love reading the classics. What people forget is that there are modern classics as well as the historical ones, and so reading classics should not be as intimidating to people as it may seem. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that reading classics is essential if we want to be balanced readers and improve ourselves in the process.

I have written a Guest Post for Desert Book Chick all about some misconceptions about the classics and why it is important, as readers, to read them.


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