Book Beginnings on Friday

Book Beginnings on Friday is a meme hosted by Becky at Page Turners. Anyone can participate; just share the opening sentence of your current read, making sure that you include the title and author so others know what you're reading. If you like, share with everyone why you do, or do not, like the sentence. (Thanks to Rose City Reader for inspiring this meme)

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

Iam at the beginning of week 3 and I am still going with this monster of a book. I probably could read it a little bit fast but it is difficult to maintain sufficient interest to read it really quickly when you are taking so long to read just one book. I am still enjoying it though.

Rather than share the opening sentence of the book again, I will share the opening sentence of Part 6 with you:
"Arriving at the haridas College of Music, Istad Majeed Khan nodded absently to a couple of other music teachers, grimaced with distaste at two female kathak dancers who were carrying their jangling anklets into a nearby practice room on the ground floor, and arrived at the closed door of his room."
I love the gentle way in which Seth acknowedlges all the different cultural practices but at the same time their is this lightly mocking tone to the sentence.

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