New poll, favourite genres and other reading updates

New Poll

Earlier today I saw a post on someone’s blog about their personal preference for three columned blog layouts. It got me thinking about what other people prefer. I am definitely someone who likes the two column layout; I like having a big posting area so that the posts aren’t all squished up the middle. But it is definitely possible to have a three column layout without that problem. So I thought I would set up a poll to see what other people think about this design issues. Feel free to vote in the poll.

The Book List Meme

Rebecca at Lost in Books is hosting a meme today, asking what your 5 favourite genres are. Here are my top 5:

1. Contemporary: I like reading modern books about modern issues. It feel somehow more relevant to my life.

2. Classics: I love the old language used in classics and I feel authors from long ago somehow seem to more accurately capture the essence of what it is like to be human (sounds a bit lame I know)

3. Literary: For me, it isn’t just the story that I love (although it’s a large component). I also love the actual reading process. To get some enjoyment from it though I need to be challenged. Anyone can read trashy romance and the like. I could read young adult fiction as a teenager. But now as an adult I need age appropriate material that challenges me. Not that there isn't a place for a bit of Harry Potter or Dan Brown. But generally I want to be reading something where the language itself is also part of the joy of the book. Literary fiction provides that to me.

4. Crime/Mystery: Having said the above, I can still be a sucker for a good mystery or thriller, like an Agatha Christie or a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

5. Spanish: I know this isn’t a proper genre, but I love reading books in English that have been translated from Spanish. There is something about the way that the Spanish language translates into English that just really connects with me.

And those are my 5 favourite genres. Head over to her blog and join in!

I finished The Passage by Justin Cronin! 

Lastly, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I have finally finished The Passage and despite some mixed feelings when I reached the middle of the book, I really loved it. It was extremely tense and exciting. As someone who is more of a literary reader than a trashy paranormal reader, this was the perfect opportunity to get a nice mix of alternate reality with good writing. I hope to review this book next week, but I know that a lot of people are interested in this book so I thought that I would give a little initial summary of my feelings.


  1. +JMJ+

    Hi, Becky! =) You're probably the first book blogger I've come across who read a lot of YA as a teenager and now wants more "age appropriate" material. (Indeed, on another blog, someone else pointed out that YA is more "pure" because adult childishness--!!!--doesn't get to much up the story.)

    Anyway, I know what you mean about wanting to be challenged by the language, for beautiful prose in Literary Fiction moves me very much as well. But I think YA will always be my first love, all the same. =)

  2. Becky,

    I'm interested in the column poll... It makes me want to do a bit more experimenting on my own blog. Right now I have three, with a wide post column and then two narrow gadget columns.

    One reason I like that is because you don't have to page down so far to see all the gadgets.... I'm not sure if that even makes sense... At any rate, I may do some experimenting. :)

  3. Thats a lot of genres! I can't get into YA or fantasy!

    Read mine here!

  4. I didn't mean anything bad by saying age appropriate... YA fiction is for YA, there is no denying that, but it doesnt mean that adults can't enjoy it too! I just don't. But I am glad that other people do... variety is the spice of life they say :-)

    Good luck with your experimenting Buffy, I have changed my blog so many times I have lost count

  5. Congrats on finishing The Passage. It was good, wasn't it? A bit long in the middle (I agree) but overall a better than average epic dystopic thriller!

    I think it is funny you list both modern and classics!! I've realized I so geared to contemporary books that I can't really fully enjoy the classics because they just don't speak to me.

  6. I got pretty behind on visiting blogs lately and I don't know when you changed your blog design, but I like it!

    I know what you mean when you talk about the writing and language and challenge of literary fiction. I love all of those things about it, too.

    I actually did not start reading YA again until a while after I started blogging. I began realizing a lot of the stories they write labeled YA today are deeper in scope and more universal than they were when I was a pre-teen and teenager. I can get into a YA book if I can find aspects about the plot/characters that I can relate to in some way.

  7. I think that I live contemporary books because of what Rebecca said about YA, I can usually relate the characters or plot in some way, even if it is very different to my personal experience.

    But I like classics because I think they often have more incident and character depth than other genre's.

    Perhaps thats how contemporary and classics are my top 2 Jenners. One genre is closer tom y actual knowledge and experience, but the other gives me quality in the actual story telling most of the time.


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