Lights, Camera, Blog Action!

Just a quick message regarding Lights Camera Blog Action: I don't have anyone scheduled for today so there will be no feature.

If anyone is interested in being featured, please email me at pageturnersbooks (at) gmail (dot) com and I will happily forward you the questions.

I hope you all enjoy your Thursday.


  1. I was sad when you didn't feature anyone last week--I always look forward to finding out about a new blog! But two weeks in a row with no feature? :( x2!

  2. I know. I like featuring people too. I am awaiting some repsonses from people so I will have some more coming up soon I hope.

  3. Hi Becky,

    I really enjoyed Metamorphosis. I remember reading it one lunchtime. The novella made me think that I might like magical realism, and I went out and bought One Hundred Years of Solitude.

    Which sat on my shelf for years...

    I had a bad experience with magical realism when it first became the 'IN' genre in the mid-1980s. Huge fantasy reader that I was, I couldn't buy into magical realism at all despite several attempts.

    So this year, I pulled Solitude off the shelf and took it to Lombok. Started to read. Persisted for 100 pages and dumped the book in a hotel book swap!

    Kafka's narrative can be understood. His character can be sympathised with. The writing, the emotions, the story are accessible.

    To me, Metamorphisis remains the only example of magical realism that I've enjoyed.

  4. I hadn't really thought of One Hundred years of Solitude as magical realism.... but I suppose it is. I really love Marquez, but I think he would be a particular taste. I love the way Spanish translates into English.

    Im glad that despite your misgivings on the genre you enjoyed Metamorphosis. I dont think its the type of book that you love but its thought provoking


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