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This is a special feature dedicated to spreading the word about the other great blogs that are out there! I have found a lot of great blogs through such features and I want to be able to share some book blog joy too!

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Today I am featuring a husband and wife blogging team, Leah and Curator D from Our Year in Books. I discovered this blog recently when they had a meme that gave you the opportunity to take a picture of your personal library and share it with everyone. They have an amazing looking library. There reviews are interesting, and we seem to ave very similar taste in books. I hope you all take the time to check out Our Year in Books.

Tell us something about yourself.

We are a husband and wife team of book bloggers.  We have been married for almost 6 years and have known each other for 10 years.  He is a self-professed computer-nerd turned home builder.  She is a self-professed nerd (in general) turned homemaker.  We grew up across a lake from each other in Texas and found each other at the age of 20 in Southern California. 

What was your favourite book as a child or young adult, and why?

L - I am not quite sure.  Early on I read The Babysitters Club and the Boxcar Children Series.  Then I have fond memories of Shadowlands.  Later on, in high school Hamlet and Mrs. Dalloway caught my attention.
D - That's a tough one. I enjoyed Pilgrim's Progress as a kid. After that I picked up a lot of Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman (Legend of Huma, Dragonlance series) and quite a bit of R.A. Salvatore (Drizz't)

Why do you love to read?

L - I love the look of books, the smell of books, the way they looked all lined up and ready to be explored.  So they bring me in and create mental movies in my head. 
D - I have an avid imagination and the fantasy books allow me to use it. The history and non-fiction books are just for the heck of knowing something. That's why I love Mental Floss! It's just a great big bunch of knowledge that will probably never come in handy.

How do you choose your books?

L - I read a lot of classics.  I also, being a bargain shopper, cannot pass a buy 2 get one free table without lingering and wanting at least 4 books.
D - Mostly if it just looks like it would be good. My wife found the last couple authors that I ended up really enjoying - Abercrombie and Cook.

If you had to narrow it down  - who would be your 3 favourite authors and what would be your 3 favourite books?

L - Jeffrey Archer, John Steinbeck, Cormac McCarthy (I say that having only read one book of each of the latter authors, and everything by the former).  Favorite books: Mrs. Dalloway, Pillars of the Earth, Team of Rivals.
D - Previously: Robert Jordan, R.A. Salvatore, and Tad Williams. Now: Robert Jordan, Glen Cook, and Joe Abercrombie w/ honorable mentions to Tad Williams (Otherland series is to die for), Modesitt Jr, and Stephen King. Sorry, I don't like limits.

When and why did you start your blog?

L - We also have other blogs, but we are doing this one together because we challenged ourselves to read a book a week this year.  We do not read the same books, not even close.  Every once in a while our paths cross in the world of books.  When they do, we do a conversation on the blog about it.
D - What Leah said, but I think it's just 52 books in a year. If I manage to read 30 in one week to get to 52 then we're still finishing the year with 52 books. =P
How did you choose your blog's name?

L - It is kind of obvious, but I will let D tell you.
D - I guess it's self explanatory. However, when Leah mentioned the 52 books in a year thing I thought that sounded like it worked.
What do you love about book blogging?

L - The community of book bloggers is nice.  I like being able to think about the book I just read and record the thoughts while they are still fresh.
D - It sorta feels a little self-absorbed to be blogging about the book reviews. I got done with one book thinking the guy talked about himself too much, but in the review of his book I must have used 500 I's to tell folks my opinion. Otherwise, I do enjoy writing regardless of interest.

What tips do you have to offer to other book bloggers?

L - Don't give spoilers.  I can't stand them!  I don't need a recap of the entire story line, just tell me what you think.
D- I'm with the spoilers thing as well, but it's hard to give your reasons of enjoyment without giving up some plot. And that you don't have to enjoy the book to write a review. I know I tend to be pretty friendly with my reviews, but I also have read a ton from these authors already. Maybe I'll find a bad book someday.

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I think that it is really nice that you both share such a big interest. My partner of 5 years doesn't read at all, but he does listen to me talk about books and blogging a lot, so I guess that makes up for it. I laughed when I read that blogging about book reviews feels a bit self-absorbed. I hadn't thought about this before, but it is true that blogging is a very self indulgent activity, but in a good way. On the spoiler issue, I read a really interesting discussion called The Brief Guide to Responsible Spoiling at a blog called The Reading Ape. If you have a very staunch position on spoiling I recommend you read this. It's pretty funny and very on point.

Thanks for participating. I hope that everyone takes the time to check out Our Year in Books.


  1. I'm loving this series. Thanks for doing it!

    And I totally enjoyed the interplay between the two of them. I wish I was married to a reader who would blog about books with me. The few books my husband does read always result in the same comment: either "It was OK." or "I quit after 30 pages." ARRRGGGHHH.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven't come across this blog and I am happy you have introduced me! They sound like the cutest couple :)

  3. Thanks for sharing and I enjoy finding new blogs to check out!


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