Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling

Well, what can you say? We all know how wonderful Harry Potter is by now. It's not for everyone I accept, and I imagine that if you haven't read them by now then it probably isn't your thing. In any event, I don't think that I will give a recap of the plot here.

But I have to admit that I fell in love the first time I read this book, because I have read it over and over since.

I wish that I could recapture that special moment when I realised that I had found one of those books that will play an important role in my life, for the rest of my life.

This book (and the others in the series) are the books that I turn to when I need to read something familiar, something exciting, something adventurous and when I need cheering up.

I am almost always reading at least one of these books at any one time. I think what The Philosopher's Stone has over the later books is that it is the most succinct and concise. I love the rest of the books, but the editors were at their best with this first one. I imagine in my head that when they were editing this first book they didn't realise just how popular the series would become and so they were strict on cutting it down. As they realised just how popular the series was becoming they gave JK Rowling more rope and she wrote to her heart's content. I could completely wrong of course, that's just how it goes in my imagination.

This book out of all of them is also special for the way in which all the magic is introduced. It is truly a magical experience. I felt as if I was there with Harry, meeting Hagrid for the first time, watching that wall open onto Diagon Alley, seeing Hogwarts for the first time. It is such a special experience and one I can't help but love re-living over and over again.

It is also astounding to look back to the first novel, having read all of the others, and see those little details that later become crucial to the outcome of the story.


What kind of read is this?
Quick and easy. It is a children's book.

Do I recommend this book?
With all my heart.

Do I recommend that you buy this book?
There are not many books out there that I could recommend that you buy more. This is a keeper.

Star Rating

8 / 8
One of the best books I have ever read. Everyone should read it - it is totally amazing. I am in love.


  1. Oh, Harry Potter! Reading that first book I remember being magical. I read it before there was that much hype - I wasn't even aware of it when it was.

    I felt so excited reading it, I just knew I'd come across something magnificent, something really special. How can you explain that, as if it is differemt from any other book I'd read till then? That this one stood out and it wasn't because everyone else I knew was reading it.

    So it really must be magical, not just something driven by a fad, people really did love it and that's magical too. Every time a new Harry Potter book out and every time you read a Harry Potter book you're sharing that moment with millions of people world over and people still re-read it compulsively.

    I'll never forget seeing people (usually adults) after a HP book was released - just walking around with a book to their nose. When I was on the ferry this one time I saw a mum following her husband and two young kids into the ferry, she wasn't looking at all where she was going!

  2. It's such a treat re-reading this and to think how far the series went. It was all so innocent back then. I remember I borrowed it by off chance and left it until the night before I had to return it, thinking I wouldn't read it. I read 2 pages, sniggered at Dumbledore's name then was immediately hooked! :-p

  3. Totally off topic: Becky!! Are you really in the NT?!? Woo hoo if you are :)

  4. I'm just re-reading the first HP and I feel like I'm re-discovering that world again. It's one of the books in the series I read the least times and I agree about the little details.
    I also tend to read HP when I need something to cheer me up and make my world bright again. It really helps.
    The only problem I'm having with my Croatian copy (I couldn't locate the English version) is that I hate the translation. It was done by an extremely good Croatian literature translator who unfortunately forgot that it was a children's book so now I'm going through words I can't remember when I heard them last in conversation, let alone children. I recommend the English version to people who want to read sth easy for brushing up on their English but would never recommend the Croatian version to foreigners who wanted the same.

  5. I love the Harry Potter series but I have never reread any of the books. You have just inspired me to do so :)

  6. Getting into this actually took me a couple of goes but once i was past about chapter 4 I really loved it and am a fully paid up Harry Potter fan... thank you for reminding me of them!

  7. YES! I, too, wish I could go back to that moment when I first opened the book and something inside of me kind of zinged and that was it!
    For me, Philosopher's Stone is still the book I turn to for a de-stress, and I've re-read it so many times it's ridiculous.
    Le sigh.


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