Lots of Lovely Blog Awards

Whitney from She is Too Fond of Books has been lovely enough to pass on the Great Blog Neighbour Award. Its purpose is to day thanks those wonderful blog neighbours that pop by and make your day by leaving comments.

Elizabeth from Swords for Fighting has left me another award, the Sunshine Award.

So, although I am not going to strictly adhere to these awards rules, I am going to give out a double whammy... I am going to pass both these awards onto 5 lovely bloggers:

  1. Julie P from Reading Without Restraint
  2. Mark from Random Ramblings
  3. Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader (and more)
  4. Carin from Caroline Bookbinder
  5. Jessica from Park Benches and Bookends


  1. You are too kind! Love ya right back!

  2. Thank you. My first awards. I'm honored.


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