My blogging plans for the new year

I started this blog in April 2009, more as a diary for myself than anything else; a place where I can record my thoughts on the book I read. I had found that I was reading book after book without allowing myself a chance to reflect on the content before I moved onto the next one.

So, I started 'Page Turners', and the more I wrote and read other people's blogs, the more i realised that I wanted to share my reading experiences and my enthusiasm for books with other people, regardless of age, sex, location, race, occupation or gender. I have worked so hard lately in my full time job (I'm a solicitor by trade), that I have found it hard to to put in the time to my blog this year that I would like to have done. Having said that, it is nice to be able to dedicate some time to a real interest outside of work, and my goal is to put in a lot more time next year.

I genuinely hope that 2010 (only 3 days away!) brings me the opportunity to share my books and literary thoughts with others all around the world; to share my enthusiasm and make recommendations on good books, in short, to share the book love!

I have several plans for what I hope to do to on 'Page Turners' in 2010:
  • revamp the look of 'Page Turners';
  • begin weekly/fortnightly/monthly features;
  • giveaways;
  • provide more specific details of the books themselves within the book reviews;
  • increase my blogging volume (although I recognise that this will be a challenge given work commitments); and
  • create a blogroll of the blogs I love reading and taking suggestions from people about their blogs.
Most importantly, I want to have fun reading my books and sharing them with everyone. I hope that encourages people to join in, add comments and enjoy themselves on 'Page Turners'.

Its Monday! What are you reading this week?

This is really sad, but I am not reading anything different to what I was reading last week.

Its Christmas I blame - I've still been working full time and then managing everything Christmas related around that - I havn't had time to pick up a book with any seriousness and I am extremely envious of everyone else who has.

I can't wait for the new year and all the festivities calm down - don't get me wrong, Christmas can be fun, but I can't wait till everything is back to normal and I have time to read again!