What books did you get for Christmas?

Christmas -

its always a good opportunity to get some new books from your loved on

This year I had a good year, people bought me some really lovely books:

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
The Adventures of Hucklebury Finn by Mark Twain
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and
Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

Not to mention my wonderful other half took me to Kinokuniya Books opposite the QVB building on Christmas Eve and let me pick out my computer books. I am very pleased with my purchases and I can't wait till I have a moment to sit down at the computer with them and teach myself a few useful tricks.

Overall, I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did too.

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2010 Reading Goals

2010 Reading Goals is a discussion I wanted to start because I would love to know what goals other avid readers are setting themselves for the new year? I don't mean what challenges you'll be participating in (although that might be it for you), I mean is there anything you want to achieve with your reading in 2010?

Please join in by posting on your own blog and linking back to here
or leaving a comment, whatever works for you.

My 2010 goal
New Years Eve is supposed to be about making resolutions, and whilst I don't go into that sort of thing (usually I'm just setting myself up to fail), I have decided what my goal for 2010 will be.

Perhaps I should explain. Earlier this year I made a catalogue of all my books, just to keep a record of them. Of the 180 approximately that I owned, only around 30 of them were by Australian authors. Now I am from Australia, born and bred in Sydney, and I thought that it was sad that I seemed to be placing such little emphasis on literature from my own country. So I started reading more. This year, though, I have found that I was reading a lot more of the Australian classics than anything more recently written.

So, my goal for 2010 is to read more modern Australian literature.
I want to stay up to date with new Australian releases, particuarly Australian authors whose debut novels have been published. I think its important that I stay up to date with literature from my own country, and I support the industry in Australia. Im really looking forward to it.

What about you? So what about you, what is your goal for 2010?

It's Monday! What are you reading?

'It's Monday! What are you reading?' is a meme started on the wonderful J Kaye's Book Blog, all about what books you just finished, you are currently reading and what is coming up.

My list definitely feels pretty short at the moment. I have been finding it really hard to find time to read between working full time and getting everything organised for Christmas. I know that it will pick up again in the New Year and I am definitely excited to see what other people are reading at the moment, and plan to read in the future.

I most recently completed reading:
The Wizard of Oz by L Baum
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Currently reading
I am currently reading:

The Lacuna
by Barbara Kingsolver
So far I am really loving this. I read the Poisonwood Bible some time ago and I really loved it (an Oprah's Book Club recommendation). I find Kingsolver's books very real, I feel attached to the characters and I can't help but need to know whats going to happen to them next. I feel a part of their adventures. I hope that you can tell that so far I am really enjoying this one.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (eBook)
I decided to read this as part of my personal goal to start re-reading some children's and young adult fiction, just to remind myself of what it was like to read as a young person. This book is really sweet, I'm really enjoying Mole's enthusiasm for life, and I can't wait to finish this one.

Up Next
Wow, that's a really hard call to make. I don't really have a system for picking books in advance. I see what I feel like after having read the one before, I like to have a natural flow between books. If I had to say something that I would like to read next it would either be Capricornia by Xavier Herbert (in line with my goal of reading for Australian literature) or Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. Not sure why exactly, I just go with my feelings.