How To Fine Best Gaming Laptops Under $800

How To Fine Best Gaming Laptops Under $800

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, the first step you’ll need to take is to look into the best gaming laptops under $800 of the same brand and model. Gaming laptops are usually the most expensive type of laptops you can get, so that means you have to really compare them on price against laptops that cost less than that. The idea is to see which has the best features for the amount of money you can afford to spend. Here’s what you should look for when buying a gaming laptop under a budget.

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under 800 of 2021


The first thing to look for in the best gaming laptops under $800 of 2021 is to make sure the laptop has everything you need already built into it. Some laptops have all the features you’d want – such as wireless internet, a large number of USB ports, etc. However, if your main purpose for the laptop is to play games, then you’ll probably be looking for a laptop with a lower memory and processor speed, so that you don’t need to pay for all these extra features.

So how important are games to you? Do you only play games that aren’t very expensive? There are laptops out there with lots of high definition graphics and video cards that will set you back a lot of cash. But do you want to pay for this? If so, then you might want to look at something else.

Another thing to look for is the video card. If you are going to be playing high definition games, then you’ll need a powerful video card in your laptop. You can get one almost for free if you know where to look. You’ll also need to look for a good processor and RAM, so that your gaming experience is top notch. Having a powerful processor and good RAM will make your gaming experience a lot better.

Last, but not least, you want to look for a good, sturdy laptop. You don’t want to buy something with bad reviews or that’s built cheaply. You want a top of the line, solidly built machine that can take the abuse of playing games on the road. If you can find one of these, then you’ve got yourself a great investment.

All in all, just remember to keep your options open when it comes to shopping for laptops. This can be a great way to save a bunch of money on the best gaming laptops under $800 of any brand or price range! Just be sure to take your time and look around. You never know what kind of deal you’ll find when you do this. Sooner or later, you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for you.

How to Play Best Games Free Online in 2022

How to Play Best Games Free Online in 2022

If you are one of the many people who have been looking for a new way to relax and improve your brain, then you will surely enjoy a wide variety of brain games available for you to play free online in 2022. These types of games will help you stay awake as well as focused throughout the night so that you can enjoy your life more!

Play best puzzle games free online in 2020

Puzzles are one of the most fun ways for you to get into a relaxing state of mind. You can find an endless amount of different types of puzzles online and you may even find that there are a few that you enjoy playing. The following are a few examples of types of puzzles that you can find online in 2022:

Chess. Many chess players will tell you that playing chess at night is one of the best activities to do when they want to spend some quality time with the family.

slope unblocked. For those who love playing slope unblocked, then finding the right game is just a click away.

The impossible quiz game. In this game you type in the answer to a question. It is important to note that these types of brain games can be difficult and it will take a great deal of concentration to beat the game.

bad ice cream. As the name suggests, these games require a great deal of your mind to get them to work, so if you find yourself getting bored, it might be best to stop playing these types of brain games.

Word jumbles. In this type of game, you type words and then use them to fill in the spaces that are missing from the words that you have typed.

The next time you have trouble staying awake, or if you are looking for something to play with your children when they need some relaxation, then you may want to consider trying these types of online games. Some of these are free, while others require a small fee to get started.

Free games have become popular with people who like to play these types of games as a way to unwind. However, if you have not been able to find the time or the patience to play them at night, then this may be a good option for you.

Puzzle games can also be played during the day. They can also be played in a variety of places. Here are a few examples of places where you can play these types of games during the day:

In an office building lobby. During the lunch hour when it is quiet and there are no employees trying to talk to you.

At home. These games can also be found at the library or coffee shop.

In a public library. Many public libraries will offer games at their location for everyone to enjoy.

Night clubs and bars can be an option as well. If you are tired and bored during the day, this can be a great option for you and your loved ones.

If your favorite sports team is playing then this can be a great way to relax. Many times sports fans enjoy playing online games because the games can be very entertaining.

You can find several free online games for children and adults as well. Some of these include coloring pages, card games, and musical puzzles.

You can also find many fun online games that you can play alone or with someone else. This includes games such as bingo and card games.

With all of the different ways to play this fun free online games, there is sure to be one for you. that you will enjoy. when you search for these types of games on the internet.

Fortnite Pro Bugha Raises Over $12,000 for Charity on Livestream

Bugha Professional Fortnite: Battle Royale player and content creator is one of the biggest names in Twitch in terms of popularity and recently he helped raise over $12,000 for a charity using his popularity in the best way.

Apart from Bugha some other big streamers like Attach and Torment also took part in the pre-planned charity event called Spooktacular Steamathon and helped Gamers Outreach raise more than 500k$.

If you’re someone who is not aware of the Gamers Outreach and their noble cause then you need to know that what their aim is to help lift the morale of the children who are hospitalized since living in a hospital is a scary process for many children and they try their best to ease their suffering through relaxing gaming sessions.

And as someone who grew up playing Video games, this cause is very dear to Bugha and that’s why he took part in the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular Steamathon, and since he is such a big player of Fortnite and very popular he played several Fornite games and his fans around all over the world donated in the noble cause, including Xfinity who was one of the biggest contributors. The corporation matched everyone’s donations.

What’s next for Bugha in Fortnite?

Since Bugha has already qualified for FNCS finals by claiming the top position in the qualifiers and is one of the biggest names in the Fortnite Community and achieved everything any Fornite player dreams of. According to Bugha might be thinking of switching to other games like Valorant.


The 7 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Not Too Hard

After seeing how people are being misled by some people that building a PC is way too hard and time-consuming and isn’t worth it at all but that isn’t even a half-truth. With how the technology has evolved building a PC from scratch is now even easier than it used to be. And below are some of the reasons why it is.

1. Parts Are Easier to Buy Than Ever

Before it used to be a lot harder to find the desired product you had to go through a lot of stores in the market and still it was not guaranteed that you’ll find the product you wanted. But since the evolution of the markets and how nowadays everything is available online and how you can order literally anything at any time without physically going through any markets or anything and it has made it a lot easier to find the products you need.

2. You Don’t Even Need a Screwdriver Anymore

Technology has evolved so much that there are some cases where you won’t even need a screwdriver to complete your build. Mostly you need a screwdriver to either fit motherboard to the case or to attach a cooler with the case but nowadays there are a lot of cases available in the market in which you don’t need a screwdriver at all.

3. Config.sys and Autoexec.bat Are Things of the Past

If you’re someone who has experienced how things used to be in the past and how hard setting up your PC used to be after installing new hardware. You had to manually set up each and everything carefully so the drivers didn’t conflict with the already installed one. If you failed to do everything correctly it crashed your PC and you have to do everything again. Seeing how things and evolved is a lot easier to set up your PC you just have to install all the needed drivers after putting in your components and you’re good to go.

4. Steam Is Hot

With the introduction of steam and a lot of other gaming store, it is a lot easier to get the game you desired. You can play the game on the day of the release and in some cases you can even get early access. Before you had to go through a lot of stores and wait for days just to get that one game.

5. You Don’t Have to Wait for the Good Stuff

Waiting for the games you always wanted to play and waiting for them to be released is the hardest thing to do. But if you’re someone who owns a PC you don’t have to wait. You can always play any game on the day of the release, unlike console where you have to wait for Console generation updates and support to play AAA games.

6. Advice, Help, and Camaraderie Are Always Available

If you’re stuck in some kind of problem such as budget allocation and wondering how much does it cost to build a PC or if you’re stuck somewhere in your game there are a lot of good websites and tutorial available on the internet that helps you solve your problem.

7. It’s the Best Feeling

The feeling you get after building your own PC by yourself is the best feeling there is and nothing can ever match that feeling not even buying pre-built PC or consoles from the market.

Finding Free Online Action Games For Kids

Where to Find the Best Online Free Action Games For Kids

If you have been searching for some of the most exciting online free action games for children, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss what they are all about and how to play them.

best online free action games for kids


These types of games are usually for kids between the ages of three and ten. There is no reason why children cannot play these games as well. The ones that are available for them are designed with different levels for each age group so it will be easy for them to learn how to move and make the jump that they need to in order to beat the level they are currently on.

Kids love having control over the things that are going on around them. It gives them a sense of responsibility and the ability to enjoy what they are doing while at the same time having fun at the same time.

The best part about these online, free action games for kids is that they allow you to move your kid around at will without any type of controls being required on your part. You can easily move your kid around from place to see how it feels like to play 2 this type of game.

Most of these are going to be very exciting for your kid to play because they are probably going to get a lot of laughs out of them playing these fun action games. The ones that are geared towards older children may not work as well for them.

Some of these online games for kids can be downloaded for free which is a good thing for you if you have children of your own that do not want to pay to download a game for them. There is nothing better than a free download of something that they really enjoyed the first time that they played it.

When you start to look for the best online free action games for kids, you want to look for games that will be easy for your kids to handle and also ones that have lots of action in them. This means that you need to look for games that are not too fast moving or ones that are not too complicated.

With the Internet, it is possible to find these types of action games all the time and you will be able to find them for free. It does not matter whether you are looking for flash games, online games or just games in general, there are tons of places where you can find all types of games for your kids.

The only problem that you are going to have is trying to find the best online free games for your kids so you can show them how much fun they can have. Most kids just want to have fun and playing these games for an hour at a time will help them realize just how much fun they are having and how much they can have whenever they want to play.

recommended game: Jelly Mario 

If you know where to look when looking for these online games for kids, you should have no problem finding some that your kids are going to really enjoy playing. The best free online action games for kids are going to be ones that are very simple and easy for them to handle.

These are ones that do not have too many complicated controls and ones that are easy to handle. The best online free games for kids are ones that have lots of fun and entertaining graphics and sounds as well as those that offer lots of action.

The best way to find the best free online action 250 games for kids is by just doing a search on the Internet and finding them. Then you can give them to your kids to play and enjoy them and hopefully they will love them as much as you do.